AUTHENTIC : Real Talk About School Choice

Choice… the right to choose

To decide for oneself which path to take. Associate with whomever we desire, live where we want and express our ideals and views in a way that reflects the freedom we experience in this country. The ability to express one’s choice is respected and is a given in how we conduct our daily affairs. Or is it….?

There are school districts, schools, and teachers who, sometimes at great personal sacrifice are preparing students to excel in further academic endeavors and in life. But let’s say you are a parent whose children attend a school that does not provide a safe environment where students can thrive and experience a shared value of the need for an education and consideration for those who teach as well as those who attend. Who respects the desires and needs of that parent?

The debate about the right to choose in education is not new. But rarely has the focus been so intense on what and how children are being taught and who has the principal responsibility to make those decisions.

In the first “Authentic – Real Talk at the Barbershop” we explored the diverse political views in the Black community and if there is any one view that can claim the title of being “authentically Black”. In this second film of the Authentic series, “Authentic – Real Talk About School Choice” we tackle the various views about parental choice in a way that is candid and acknowledges the challenges faced by parents whose only desire is to choose the best for their children.

Choice…the right to choose.




Connell – David De Luz
Gamble-  Craig De Luz
Harriet-   Monchel Sharp
Promise-  Sabrina Estupinian
Ms Sage-  Lisa Bethany
Naseeka-   Lyn Caziere
Naseeka Daughter – Alyssa McCain
Gamble Son – Kaelan Snyder
Mrs Ross -Sina Tate
Tommy Ross- Ali Kasbour


Drumline – Ali Kasbour, Kaelan Snyder, Jessica Ransom, Jimena Murguia, Peach Vang,


Executive Producer – Tommy Ross
Producers – Tommy Ross, Craig De Luz
Director – Tommy Ross
First Assistant Director – Trevor L Smith
Unit Production Manager – Kristi L Smith
Director of Photography – Trevor L Smith
Camera Operators – Trevor L Smith, Kristi L Smith
Production Sound Mixer – Donovan Murphy
A2 – Britton Thomas
Production Assistants – Shamar Knox, Cheyenne Mosle
Story by – Tommy Ross


Screenplay by– Trevor Smith, Tommy Ross


Special Thanks to

Roberts Family Development Center
Derrell Roberts
Elijah Lee
Sheila Robinson
Anthony Orozsco

Martin Luther King, Jr. Tech Academy

H.A.W.K Institute
Eric V. Gravenberg


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