Authentic: Real Talk at the Barbershop


The barber shop can be a sacred place. It’s where clients and members of the community can bare their souls and let it all hang out with candid exchanges about issues of the day that range from news of the neighborhood and the latest dirt about who did what to who. Politics, international affairs, or philosophy, nothing is off limits. Add a spice of humor and sometimes in-your-face candor and talk in the barber shop can be more invigorating and even more informative than the latest network or cable Sunday talk shows.

Authentic: Real Talk at the Barbershop is the first of three short films in the Authentic film series and takes on the age-old topic of whether there is one voice, one perspective that represents the views of the Black community.  The debate about the needs and the demands of that community during these times of partisan polarization, social unrest, and an international pandemic are occurring in the framework of the ubiquitous media coverage of a presidential campaign.

It begins with these familiar words “if you don’t vote for me then you ain’t Black” and  “you should vote for me because, what have you got to lose”. Conservative, progressive and moderate voices provide more clarity than the so-called experts, intellectuals, lawyers, and political pundits we hear from so often.

Authentic: Real Talk at the Barbershop provides a lesson for all of us. It is possible to have a vigorous, animated debate and still recognize that even given our certainty and emotional commitment, we can learn something by engaging those with whom we disagree.

Real talk at the barbershop.

Come on in and take a seat. Join in the conversation.




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Authentic Credits

Pinnacle Strategic Group, Inc


U.S. Media Group


a Tommy Ross film

Directed by – Craig DeLuz & David De Luz
Producers – Craig DeLuz, David De Luz, Trevor L. Smith, & Tommy Ross
Executive Producer – Tommy Ross


Suit – Craig DeLuz
Specs – David De Luz
Reazon – Jonathan E. Moore
Clippers – Monchel Sharp
Pardon Me – Lisa Bethany
Customer/ Snub – Trevor L. Smith
Customer/ Two Times – Tommy Ross
Additional Audio/Destiny – Monchel Sharp

Special Thanks

Sam Kinsey – 3B’s Barber Shop
Lou Zimmerle & Pierce Welch for PPE