Authentic: Real Talk About the Cave

Authentic: Real Talk About The Cave is the third in the three part Authentic short film series produced by Executive Producer Tommy Ross. The dogmatic Mr. Turner, the jaded Diamond in the Rough, dejected Desperada and bigoted Mr. Reinhart live their lives surrounded by darkness. They are obsessed with the fear and pessimism they hear constantly coming from the old-style television that serves as their only source of information about the outside world. There is no sense of time and space as they repeat and reinforce among themselves the news that represents their reality of hopelessness and despair.

When Mr. Turner is forced to leave their home on a mission to restock diminishing supplies, he comes across a group of people who are eerily familiar but live in a world of light, hope and optimism. Finding his worldview challenged by these people, Mr. Turner reels in confusion when he comes across one person in the group that represents the ultimate challenge to his existence.

When he returns to his dark world to share the news of his discovery he is attacked and forced to resubmit to the darkness as the last glimmer of memory of his experience in the world of light fades away.

Think of “Authentic: Real Talk About the Cave” as The Twilight Zone meets The Wizard of Oz where those who live in the unchallenging comfort of their cave are challenged to look to a brighter future of hope and possibility and to have the courage to step out of the cave and into the light…



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Production Crew

Director – Aaron Leong
Executive Producers – Tommy Ross, Dr. Eric Gravenberg, Allen Warren, Phillip Chang, and Sandra Dee Richardson
Producer – Tommy Ross
Script by – Trevor L. Smith and Tommy Ross
Sandy Noricks – Unit Production Manager
1st AD – Jeremiah Kelleher
Script Supervisor – Vadanak Ke
Director of Photography – Brian Hamm
Sound Mixer – Ryan Stewart
Gaffer – Dean Tokuno
Lead Make-Up – TeJae Hardy
Costume Designer – Alex Lopez
Production Designer – Hugo Martinez
Graphic Design  – JEMARKT Creations


Production Companies

Pinnacle Strategic Group
HAWK Institute
Avail Entertainment,LLC
4th Wall Film Works, LLC



Mr. Turner/King – Lamondo Hill
Diamond/In the Rough – Monchel Sharp
Desperada/Esperanza – Hannah Cordero
Mr Reinhart/Max – Scott Divine
Man – Jehu Dawson
Friend of Esperanza – Sarai L Leandro
Newscaster #1 – Mary McCarron
Newscaster #2 – Scott Heimerman
Newscaster #3 – Mark S Allen
Friendly Person – Tracy Rockey
Friend of Diamond – Sina Tate
Turner Double – Ralph Gavin