A political scandal with sinister intentions, a cesspool of violence and a nefarious scheme under the guise of legal transactions concocted by an elusive organization. When friends and enemies are so closely connected, who can you trust? 



FBI Special Agent Jesse Perez is assigned to return to his hometown of Sacramento after six years that reunites him with old friends, including his college crush Attorney Teresa Diaz, and new adversaries. His mission involves uncovering a plot devised by a secret organization, EMK, that reaches the highest levels of political power. Jesse discovers that Teresa’s fiancé, Congressional candidate Santos Martinez, is linked to City Councilwoman Gonzales, who is behind a major conspiracy.

While unraveling EMK’s origins, Jesse will have to face the reality of how life used to be back at home. Crime, betrayal, and corruption leads him to an explosive conclusion in which he discovers that there is far more criminal activity than expected.