A political scandal and a twist of love turns forgotten rivalries, sinister intentions and romance into a cesspool of violence and redemption.



Jesse grew up poor in Sacramento, CA with a drug-addicted mother. In spite of his circumstances, he becomes a math wiz with analytical skills off the chart but remains shy and socially awkward. During a college graduation party with friends; his secret love Teresa, community activist Maria, aspiring politician Santos and the somewhat shady Chewy, receives the tragic news – his mother is dead. With no reason to stay in Sacramento, he joins the military, becomes a member of Army Intelligence where his skills blossoms as he transforms into a strong and confident Counter-Intelligence Special Agent. He returns to Sacramento on a mission – investigate the trail of an international drug cartel, political payoffs, and crime that leads to his home city and old friend Santos, now a candidate for City Council. But it doesn’t take long for old rivalries to resurface, sinister intentions to be revealed and romance to be reignited. As the old saying goes, keep your friends close and your enemies even closer





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